Administrator’s Welcome

 Jennifer Winslett




We’re delighted that you’re considering a Christian school education for your children. At Crossroads, our primary goal is to teach children in such a way that each student comes face to face with the love and mercy of our dear Savior, Jesus Christ. When Crossroads was founded over 25 years ago, parents were looking for a special place to educate their children. The Lord led them to the educational philosophy of Miss Charlotte Mason, and Crossroads Christian School was born. Charlotte Mason, born in 1842 in Bangor, England, took Biblical truth and applied it to educating children. Her view of children was Christ-centered. She believed, as we do today, that the child is a person, created in the image of the living God, a precious stewardship entrusted to each parent and to us as we partner with Christian parents in a well-rounded education for their children.

Our classrooms are a place where teachers build upon the world in which children live, training them in habits of righteous living and nourishing their minds with ideas. Our business is to expose children to the great ideas of life, religion, history, and science, and to create a standard of academic excellence to which children can aspire. Our hope is that each Crossroads student will love school, love learning, and come to love Jesus Christ as Savior. Please schedule a visit, and come see God at work in the halls of Crossroads Christian School.


Jennifer T. Winslett

Head of School